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Aspen Music Festival and School


Learn how Stagetime can help your early/mid career mentees move forward in their careers through preparedness and marketing.

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Stay effortlessly connected to your network

68% of industry professionals report that they get most of their jobs through word of mouth.

Control your inbox

Your circles are free from spam, so you can connect with the people you need to, without all the noise.

Be prepared

Know where — and who — your resources are, and stay prepared for your future career.

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Maintain your network 

The velocity of news in the industry is fast — Stagetime showcases the content on your profile to your network each time they log in.

Showcase and market yourself

Showcase your most up-to-date work in your portfolio, and market yourself with a free web profile.

Get — and stay — in touch

Never lose a contact. Connect and message with colleagues to build on old relationships and create new ones.

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Create a Stagetime account

Or onboard your entire program or class

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