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Apply for a $300 Creative Grant – unrestricted funds to further your career

This grant is exclusive to the applicants of our first Audition Travel Stipend (applications were due November 14th, 2022) and there are no restrictions to auditions and travel on these funds. Funds may go towards any career advancement or career pursuits – extra lessons, recordings, self-production, support, etc.

How to apply

Update your Stagetime Profile with the materials listed below. This information offers us the most valuable context and understanding for your application.

  • Education (undergraduate, graduate, training programs, festivals, YAPs, etc.)

  • Full Biography (Pro Tip: Tag any relevant @organizations & #collaborators you are connected with via your profile to provide us with even greater context.)

  • A Project and/or additional Media

  • Recent Engagements (no minimum or restrictions) - This demonstrates contextual knowledge of repertoire, collaborators, and the trajectory of your career.

  • Connect with Goose (the Stagetime dog!). In your connection request, answer the prompt “Why you, why now?” and let us know what you would use this grant for.

This application is due on Tuesday, December 13th at 11:59pm PST. Recipients will be notified on Friday, December 16th.

Though the above are the only requirements for your application, we encourage you to go above and beyond, as your profile (including connections and organizations) is instrumental in allowing us to understand who you are.

Questions? Need help?


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