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Stagetime Career Advancement Grants

It's no secret that a career in the performing arts can be not only challenging, but expensive.

To address these disproportionate financial barriers, Stagetime will be awarding Career Advancement Grants to performing arts professionals within the Stagetime community. These funds can be used toward any career-advancing projects or purposes.

Application Requirements

Applications are reviewed every Wednesday and grants will be awarded weekly. Grants may be used for approved expenses within 6 months of being selected for an award. If you are not already a Stagetime member, you will have an opportunity to join during the application process (it’s free!), which takes about 3 minutes.

Your application will be under consideration for 3 months from your submission date. You may re-submit for the same or new projects at any point, and only your most recent application will be considered. 

  • Grants are available to members of the Stagetime community, and applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Your Stagetime profile will comprise the majority of your application. The following profile content is required for consideration:

    • Profile photo

    • Education and/or experience

    • Full biography

    • At least one of the following: schedule, media, or resume

    • At least 5 connections (if you can't find enough connections in your network, refer a friend or connect with Stagetime team members whose profiles we've shared in the application​​​)

Awardees will be notified via email and announced on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Tips for applying & things we like to fund

Tips for applying

  • Our primary project target is $100-$500

  • If you are applying for a larger amount, we recommend applying with other project collaborators; you can denote this on your application

  • Double-check that you (and your collaborators) have met the Stagetime profile requirements outlined above


Projects we're especially interested in funding

  • Collaborative projects involving multiple Stagetime members

  • Recording projects; hiring collaborators for a session or performance

  • Professional administrative development: conference attendance, industry certifications, continuing education

  • Professional artistic development: audition expenses, self-production expenses

  • Small business support: companies with 5 or fewer full-time employees, collectives, and small ensembles

  • Any other career-advancing project or purpose, as proposed in application

Why did we create this grant program?

Over the past 6 months, we introduced various stipend programs to learn how to best support our community in tangible ways that would be felt beyond digital tools. We heard from over 1,000 community members: about recording projects, audition expenses, new instruments, commissions, premieres, professional advancement - the list goes on - and wanted the ability to seek out projects that allowed us to support community members on the cusp of something great in their careers.

This need isn't going away, and neither are we, which is why we are proud to make the 
Stagetime Career Advancement Grants a rolling resource available to Stagetime members throughout the year, awarded weekly.

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