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Build a professional presence as multi-faceted and creative as you are

Create and leverage your new portfolio-based, collaborative professional identity.

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Put your best (digital) foot forward

Feature your best work through your experience and portfolio, with the collaborators you couldn't do it without.


Showcase your experience and access your network through your gigs and jobs, not corporate titles.


Lead with what makes you unique — audio, video, photos, and examples of your best work. 

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Stay effortlessly connected to your network

The velocity of news in the industry is fast — from jump-ins to administration changes, Stagetime showcases the content on your profile to your network each time they log in.


Update your network with your latest news, events, and media. You can empower and educate your professional circle with the content you add to Stagetime.


Source talent based on the most up-to-date work in their portfolio.

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Let your connections speak for you — literally

68% of industry professionals report that they get most of their jobs through word of mouth.


In an industry driven by who you know, staying connected has never been more important — both online and off. Connect and message with colleagues to build on old relationships and create new ones.


Know where — and who — your resources are from any gig, anywhere in the world. 

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