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Introducing a New Dashboard Experience

Get a quick update from your network, see your profile analytics, and discover other people on Stagetime in the new dashboard. We’ve made some minor adjustments so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new in the community while also keeping everything you need access to just a click away. 

The News in Your Network section is a combination of updates from your network and industry news. Quickly scroll through to see if any of your connections have recent or upcoming engagements. Not seeing any updates from other people on Stagetime? Be sure to connect with people you know so you can see their schedule updates. We also keep this section updated by sharing news from the industry so you’re never left out of the loop.


Back by popular demand, we’ve added the New to Stagetime section so you can quickly see the newest members of our community and connect with people you know. 

The next section highlights the most recent Articles we’ve posted to our site. Here you can read our blog posts, listen to interviews with members of the community, and more. 


In the Analytics section, we currently share three pieces of data so you can see how strong your presence is on Stagetime. The first graph shows how your personal network has grown over time by displaying your total number of connections. Build your network with people you have collaborated with in the past or are looking forward to in the future. 

In the next graph, get a snapshot of how many people, both on and off Stagetime, are viewing your profile. As you build out your network and add more content, share your profile on other social media sites to increase your online presence. 


Finally, see how often people are engaging with your media by looking at your total number of reactions. If you’re on Stagetime and love what you hear - share the love!


In the last two sections, we help you Discover Media uploaded on the platform from other people in the community. Watch a video or listen to their audio - just don’t forget to react when you hear something you love!

Have a feature you’d like to see on the dashboard? Let us know!

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