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Stagetime is a growing database of professionals in the arts with a mission to strengthen and amplify the collective talents of arts industries through the power of a singular accessible community. 

To claim your profile, submit the information below so that our team can verify your request.

Thanks for submitting your profile claim request! Our team will verify and assign access to your new profile and will be in touch - stay tuned!

I’ve been added to the database. What does this mean?

Congratulations! Stagetime aims to be as representative of the arts industries as possible, so being added to our database means that our system has recognized you as an active professional in the arts. 

What information is included in the database? 

Anything that was already public. Think your name, profession, and associated organizations like your alma mater. This is information that has been detectd from other internet locations where you may have shared it previously. 

I want to update my photo and information. How do I do that? 

If you would like to add to and control your professional page and gain access to the powerful community of professionals in the arts, claim your profile above or by signing up for Stagetime here. Claiming your profile not only gives full access to your information, but it will also enable you to 

  • Connect with your colleagues and other professionals in the arts

  • Share news and updates with your network 

  • Create and interact with groups via Stagetime Circles

  • Follow organizations you love

I think I’ve been added to the database by mistake. What do I do?  

If you think you’ve been added to our database in error, reach out to our team at

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What's the difference?


Unclaimed profiles are records that are added to our database when our system has recognized you as an active professional in the arts (i.e., a colleague inputs an event that includes you, or you are added to a casting list).

Unclaimed records cannot connect with others, send or receive messages, share news with their network, or create and interact with groups via Stagetime Circles.

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Claimed Profiles

Claimed profiles are managed by the person they represent, or they have approved an artist manager or social media manager to oversee their account. 

Claiming your profile allows you to gain access to the powerful community of professionals in the arts and gives you access to add and control your infromation.

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