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Stagetime Circles provide a place for industry professionals with similar passions and interests to share their insights, experiences and resources, ask for guidance, and build valuable connections.

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Your hub within a hub

From interest Circles (like Artsy Jocks and Listening Club) to alumni groups, to crowdsourcing works by Hispanic composers, Circles are a place to focus your community with others who share your passions.

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Keep your community within arm's reach

Circles are a common ground for industry communication, allowing you to connect with your community while maintaining your professional boundary. Take the conversation deeper than the Instagram comments and interact in a fully professional space.

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Community Circles are moderated by passionate community members from a particular industry niche. All are welcome - to let a moderator know you'd like to join, click below to be added to the Circle within 1-2 hours.

Community Circles

Artsy Jocks

Our home for athlete-artists and sports fans to chat about all things sports! This is our place to talk sporty. 

Listening Club

People that make music for a living must surely have great taste. Listening Club is a place for musicians (or anyone else) to share their favorite tunes. All genres are welcome, from Bach to Björk and beyond.

Bienen Beehive

A hub for Northwestern/Bienen students & alumni to connect, share resources, contract/outsource gigs and other employment opportunities, and more. 

Conductors on Stagetime

The home for Stagetime’s community of conductors and a place to share support and resources, chat, connect, gather feedback as desired, and celebrate one another’s accomplishments and engagements. Conductors of all varieties are welcome (and encouraged!) to join. 

Violists of Stagetime

A resource for any and all violists on Stagetime to connect, share resources, source talent, chat, and celebrate one another’s accomplishments and engagements.

*This is a safe space from all viola jokes.*

Aspiring Opera Singers

Share inspiriation, resources, experiences, and community that can be helpful in your music journey and singer-life. Learn from your peers and celebrate wins together with other Aspiring Opera Singers.

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